Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms:
Digital Commons, Ethical Standards and
Free Software for Cities

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM [WEST]

Carrer Sant Adrià, 20, Barcelona, BARCELONA, Spain




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09:00 - 14:00 Morning session: FlossBcn Conversations (ESP) Partial Approval -Free

Flossbcn is a non-profit and grassroots community whose mission is to become a platform and a summit for professionals, companies, researchers, and students inside the scope of FreeLibre and Open Source Software to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in FLOSS is welcome to exchange their knowledge. We want to grow the free software community in Barcelona and scale solutions to tackle companies and the city’s challenges.

15:00 - 18:45 Afternoon session: Conferences & Panels (ENG) Partial Approval - Free

A set of conferences and panels gathering both international and national speakers targeting digital standards, digital commons and free software in cities.?

18:45 - 21:00 Evening session: FlossBCN & Beers (ESP + ENG) Partial Approval -Free

A summit for professionals, companies, researchers, and students inside the scope of FreeLibre and Open Source Software to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in FLOSS is welcome to exchange their knowledge.

10:00- 11:00 Workshop - 1:1 Sustainability meeting w/ Malcolm Bain, ID Law Partners Partial Approval - Free

10:30- 11:30 Workshop - Community Grow Hacking w/ Tim Cakir Partial Approval -Free

Learning how to Growth Your Community with Tracking & Hacking Tracking Strategy In growth hacking, we only focus on One Metric That Matters, aka the OMTM, at a time. This way, it’s easier to know what works and what doesn’t. Hacking Strategy Once we decide on our OMTM, we implement an awesome strategy around it. We will hack the growth out of that OMTM till the perfect results start kicking in.

11:30- 12:30 Workshop - OpenData/ML Hands-on w/ Ignacio Cabrero Partial Approval - Free

11:30-12:30 Co-creating mechanisms to support digital social innovation (ESP) Coloma Serra & Marc Aguilar, Barcelona Activa Partial Approval -Free

13:30-14:30 Deliberating about Distributed Democracy and Data Commons - DECODE pilot kick-Off (ESP & ENG) Antonio Calleja López, Tecnopolítica/IN3-UOC, Decidim, LID Pablo Arago´n, Eurecat, Decidim, LID Partial Approval - Free

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Event Information

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM [WEST]

About the Event

Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Common Digital Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities

This event wants to open the debate on the impact that new technologies have on cities and the need for them to use open standards and free software for citizens. It is a one-day event that includes conferences, demonstrations and debates open to digital communities, companies, universities and the general public.

Morning session: FlossBcn Conversations (ESP)
Flossbcn is a non-profit and grassroots community whose mission is to become a platform and a summit for professionals, companies, researchers, and students inside the scope of FreeLibre and Open Source Software to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in FLOSS is welcome to exchange their knowledge.

We want to grow the free software community in Barcelona and scale solutions to tackle companies and the city’s challenges.

9:00 Registration

Keynote: Digital rights and free software in cities: where we are today?
Javier Ruiz Head of Policy Open Rights Group 

Open Source Community Management: How communities can save your project
Moderator: David García Garzón,Som Energia
Joaquín García, OpenStreetMap
Amador Alvarez, Wikimedia
Pau Pérez, Coopdevs  

Digital infrastructures as Digital commons 
Moderator: Carol Romero, Locaret & Decidim
Wouter Tebbens, Free Knowledge Institute 
Efrain Foglia, Guifinet
Benjamí Villoslada, General Director of Technological Development at Govern de les Illes Balears

11:00–11:30 Coffee Break

Building a free software ecosystem in Barcelona
Moderator: Malcolm Bain, ID Law Partners
Mercè Escolà, Nexus Geographics
Gregori Mora, Smart Region project coordinator at Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputació de Barcelona) 
Xavier Roca, Director of software development, Barcelona City Hall
Arnau Monterde, Decidim Barcelona 
Pere Martinez, ITechGrup

Empowering Women in open source
Moderator: Adriana Freitas, FlossBcn
Nuria Conde, DIYBIOBCN 
Joana Simoes, Heartcode Labs
Núria Alonso, Colectic

Distributed technologies for data sovereignty: DECODE Barcelona Pilots
Moderator: Oleguer Sagarra, DECODE, Barcelona City Hall
Guy Samuel, Thoughtworks Barcelona
Antonio Calleja, Tecnopolitica/IN3-UOC, Decidim, LID 
Pablo Aragón, Eurecat, Decidim, LID
Guillem Camprodón, IaaC | Fab Lab Barcelona, Smart Citizen

Blockchain for the social good 
Presentation: Europe's Blockchains for Social Good Prize
Fabrizio Sestini, European Commission

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Malcolm Bain, ID Law Partners
Fabrizio Sestini, European Commission
Alex D’Elia, Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions
Boyd Derek Cohen, EADA Bussiness School

14:00-15:00 Lunch break  


Afternoon session: Conferences & panels
A set of conferences and panels gathering both international and national speakers targeting digital standards, digital commons and free software in cities. 

Institutional Welcome
Gala Pin, Councillor, Barcelona City Hall

Free and open source software to build global learning communities: The case of Moodle
Martin Dougiamas, CEO Moodle

Panel - Ethical digital standards and free software in cities
Introduced by: Esteve Almirall, Full professor ESADE 
Moderator: Marleen Stikker, Founder Waag Society
Francesca Bria, Digital Commissioner, Barcelona City Hall
Renata Avila, Executive Director, Smart Citizenship Foundation
Gijs Hillenius, European Commission's Open Source Observatory and Repository
Aik van Eemeren, Amsterdam Innovation Office

Championing open source and the free and open web: what’s the future Agenda?
Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation

17:10-17:30 Coffee Break

Open source and digital transformation to make Government better: 
The Italian Digital Team case 
Alessandro Ranellucci, Open Source Project Leader Team per la Transformazione Digitale

Panel - Citizen laboratories in the digital city
Moderated: Pablo Aragón, Laboratori d’Innovació Democràtica
Mariona A. Ciller, Soko Tech
Laia Sánchez, CitiLab
Ramon Sangüesa, equip cafeïna & 


Evening session: FlossBCN & Beers (ESP+ENG)   

FlossBCN & Beers: The summit for practitioners, researchers and citizens in general within the Free Software world.


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Event Location

About the Organizer

Commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation together with SokoTech, Decidim Barcelona and the FLOSSBCN community.


Event Speakers

Gijs Hillenius

European Commission's Open Source Observatory and Repository

Gijs Hillenius is leader of the expert for the European Commission's Open Source Observatory & Repository ( A technology knowledge transfer specialist, he has been involved with OSOR since its inception in 2007. In 2012, OSOR became part of Joinup ( The EC portal focuses is on the sharing and reuse of ICT solutions by public services across Europe.
Mitchell Baker

Co-Founder Mozilla Foundation

Mitchell Baker co-founded The Mozilla Project in 2003 to make the Internet an open and innovative public good. She is the director of Mozilla and is responsible for organizing and motivating the many employees and volunteers around the world who collaborate with the organization. This pioneer of the web is a strong advocate of the open internet, open source and the importance of connecting technology to the impact it has on society and its individuals. He also directs Mozilla's global scope.
Martin Dougiamas

CEO Moodle

Dr Martin Dougiamas is best known as the founder of the open-source Moodle project, providing a free learning platform used in every country and every education sector around the world. As the CEO of Moodle Pty Ltd (based in Perth, Australia and Barcelona, Spain) he leads the company of 60 software developers and educators that guides and supports the Moodle project. Moodle Pty Ltd has also created a global network of over 90 certified Moodle Partner companies.
Renata Avila

Executive Director, Smart Citizenship Foundation

International human rights lawyer and digital rights advocate. In her early practice, she representedindigenous victims of genocide and other human rights abuses, including the prominent indigenous leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum. She also represented awarded journalist Julian Assange and Wikileaks since 2009 and regularly advices pro bono cases to advance the right to know and the freedom of expression. Avila sits on the International Board of Creative Commons.
Francesca Bria

Digital Commissioner, Barcelona City Hall

Francesca Bria is Senior Researcher and Advisor on information and technology policy. She has a PhD in Innovation Economics for Imperial College, London and MSc on Digital Economy from University of London, Birbeck. As Senior Programme Lead at Nesta, the UK Innovation Agency, she has led the EU D-CENT project, the biggest European Project on direct democracy and digital currencies. She also led the DSI project, advising the EU on digital social innovation policies.
Javier Ruiz

Head of Policy Open Rights Group

Javier leads on policy at the UK based advocacy organisation Open Rights Group. His work covers a broad range of digital rights in areas such as transparency, privacy, state surveillance and intellectual property. He has supported the city of Barcelona in the drafting of their innovative digital policy. Javier is also a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. He has previously worked as a union organizer, journalist and campaigner for organizations in Europe and Latin America.
Aik van Eemeren

Amsterdam Innovation Office

Aik van Eemeren is the Innovation Manager at the Chief Technology Office, City of Amsterdam Aik is responsible for Amsterdam’s innovation program Future Gov, a program to think and act on rethinking government. Aik is coordinating Amsterdam’s blockchain and pilots and working on AI: city-as-a-testbed. He is also the project manager of the DECODE project for the Amsterdam City Hall. He is the former director of the Dutch network for government management.
Xavier Roca

Director of software development, Barcelona City Hall

Xavier Roca has a long professional experience in the field of building information systems for public administration. He has also managed international projects in the private sector. Since September 2017, He is currently the Director of Development of the Municipal Institute of Informatics, where he is responsible for the development, maintenance and evolution of application services with the aim of making them efficient and productive for citizens and municipal employees.
Pere Martínez

CEO ITechGrup

Pere Martinez is a catalan businessman and entrepreneur. In his professional career he has founded 6 different companies with different successes. He currently leads the ITech Group as CEO and co-founder, a company dedicated to digital security and open source. He also leads Confluència, an start-up, as a CEO and founder which is focused on the digital transformation. He is also president of CatEi, the Catalan Association of IT Companies.
Malcolm Bain

ID Law Partners

Lawyer specialized in Information Technology Law, with a special focus on Free Software projects. Member of CatPL and the Free Software Foundation Europe. Associate lecturer at the UB and collaborator of the UOC in the field of free software.
Arnau Monterde

Decidim Barcelona

Arnau Monterde holds a PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Since 2011 he has been the coordinator of the Tecnopolítica project in the Communication Networks and Social Change a la Internet Interdisciplinary Institute research group at the UOC. He is one of the promoters of the Decidimos project, the digital participation platform developed by the Barcelona City Council.
Pablo Aragón

Laboratory of Innovation in Democracy

Pablo Aragón is a researcher at the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning group in Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Eurecat, Centre Tecnològic de Catalunya, where his main activity deals with analyzing and visualizing Big Data from the Social Web. Pablo is an active collaborator of Decidim, the citizen participation platform promoted by the Barcelona City Council, and coordinates the Laboratory for Democratic Innovation.
Mariona A. Ciller

Co-founder and creative director at @SokoTech

SokoTech co-founder. University of Illinois B.F.A, M.Sc. and Assistant Professor. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fab Academy graduate. On 2015 co-founded SokoTech, a neighborhood (or citizen) laboratory dedicated to social innovation projects focused on the arts, science & technology.
Joana Simoes

CEO Heartcode Labs

Data Scientist and Software Engineer, with a focus on geospatial challenges in the era of Big Data. After acquiring a PhD in the University College of London, she has worked in academia, industry and an International organization. Joana has been committed to the Free and Open Source Community for more than ten years, both as an advocate and a coder. She is a charter member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, the vice-president of OSGeo Portugal, and a contributor to various FOSS projects
Tim Cakir

Growth Master at Tracking n Hacking

A lateral thinker, entrepreneurial in spirit, able to employ creative thinking and well-developed analytical skills to make effective campaign decisions that support the facilitation of client objectives. A strong team player, who supports the development of collaborative internal and external relationships and effectively co-ordinates and manages clients, suppliers and freelancers to unite strengths in pursuit of a common goal.
Concha Catalán

Cofounder of and

Datajournalist and English Teacher. Graduated in Journalism (UPF) and English (UB). Cofounder of and Pro-transparency and access to information. She has worked for several media and for the Global Editors Network
Ignacio Cabrero Daunert

CEO of Datiful

Biologist evolved to Informatics adapted to Economist at Coopers & Lybrand, who grew up as a Partner at ADN Consulting Group and was projected as Director of the Healthcare Technical Area at Ramel Facility Services, and eventually evolved to Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Acciona Facility Services, during more than 10 years. Responsible for the annual Innovation Plan and of the Services ERP implemented in Seat, Nissan and Ford.
Marleen Stikker

Waag Society Founder

Marleen Stikker (1962) is also founder of De Digitale Stad (The Digital City) in 1993, the first virtual community introducing free public access to the Internet. She leads Waag, a social enterprise that consists of a research institute for creative technologies and social innovation and Waag Products, which launched companies like Fairphone, the first fair smartphone in the world. She is also member of the European H2020 Commission High-level Expert Group for SRIA on innovating Cities
Adriana Freitas

Partner at Co-funder at and

Adriana is an active member of the Barcelona community as a mentor, board advisor and investor. Also, collaborate with several media and events co-hosting DatabeersBCN and now FlossBcn Has over 20 years of experience in Telecom. Worked in Telefonica for more than a decade in Rio + Miami + NYC + SF and Barcelona. In 2012 she joined a Startup in Silicon Valley on Business Intelligence, Skytide, sold 3 years after to Citrix. She left Citrix to lead a business consulting firm: Muster Ventures.
Alex D’Elia

Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions

With 15 years hands-on experience in ISP, Wireless, Mesh Networks Specialized in Smart Grid and IoT, member of CETRI-TIRES also member of the IoT Council. He is actively involved in R&D on Network and Energy distributed & decentralized infrastructure technologies. He founded Mangrovia.Net srl, small ISP delivering Smart Cities with MESH technologies. ToolKit Solution, w/ 3 layers of decentralization: 1. networking, 2. energy distribution, 3. accounting based on DLT. I have,
Antonio Calleja

Tecnopolítica/IN3-UOC, Decidim, LID

PhD in Sociology (University of Exeter), Masters of Advance Study in Philosophy (University of Seville), and Master in Political Science (Arizona State University). He takes part in projects ranging from sociological studies on technoscientific practice and innovation up to the intersections of art and politics, or the analysis of social movements. He is currently working as a Researcher in DECODE project as part of the UOC team.
Efraín Foglia


Efraín Foglia is a digital interaction designer, researcher and teacher. His work is in between design, citizen activism and networked technologies. His research ranges from neuroscience and its relationship communication, mesh network-based infrastructures and the possible futures of the Internet, as well as new paradigms in design. Founding member of, the world's largest self-managed telecommunications network. Promotes open infrastructures in Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
Esteve Almirall

Innovation - Smart City & AI - Data Science Assoc. Prof. ESADE

Holds a PhD in Mgmt Sciences (ESADE), a MRes in Mgmt Sciences, a MCIS, DEA and MRes in Artificial Intelligence (UPC). His career has been devoted to IT, especially in consulting, banking and finances where he worked for more than 20 years in executive and board level positions in IS, Organization and Marketing. As an entrepreneur he actively participated and founded several start-ups. Esteve has an MBA, a PDD from IESE a Diploma in Marketing from UC Berkeley and a GCPCL Diploma from Harvard B.S.
Gala Pin

Councillor, Barcelona City Hall

Gala is a Councillor of the City of Barcelona, district of Ciutat Vella, for Barcelona en Comú (Catalan for Barcelona in Common), and Councillor of Participation and Districts. Licensed in philosophy, she has worked for the third sector and is a specialist in digital communications. Gala has been an activist for open software and network freedom, and the implementation of techno-political practices and digital democracy. Member in the 15M in Barcelona for rights to the city and to housing

Gregori Mora

Smart Region project coordinator at Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputacio´ de Barcelona)

For the last 4 years Gregori Mora has been the Smart Region project manager at the Barcelona Provincial Council. He has also more than 4 years of experience in the entrepreneurial sphere managing and developing digital projects for several start-ups. Before that he worked in IT in the public sector for more than 10 years. He holds a MSc in Computer Engineering and a BA in Business Science and he is writing the final thesis of a MA in Sociology related to Information Society.
Ramon Sangüesa

Equip cafei¨na &

Ramon Sangu¨esa y Sole´ (1961) is a Catalan researcher, founder and director of Equipo Cafei´na, a research and communication platform. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Learning, 20 years of research and teaching at the Universitat Polite`cnica de Catalunya (Barcelona), Ramon combines these academic aspects with his dedication to innovation, social innovation and transdisciplinarity.
Wouter Tebbens

co-founder and president of the Free Knowledge Institute.

Wouter Tebbens is co-founder and president of the Free Knowledge Institute. He works on the convergence between commons and social and solidarity economy enabled by free technologies. He is involved in #CommonsCloud, The Things Network Catalunya, the Comunificadora support programme and co-produces such initiatives through the femProcomuns multistakeholder coop.
Pau Pérez Fabregat


Pau Pérez Fabregat. Born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet and computer scientist by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I've always been involved in politics and social movements in my hometown and lately, I successfully joined my principles and my interest in technology as a professional with Coopdevs. I'm particularly passionate about free software and its social impact, in both, communities and working teams.
Núria Alonso


Digital trainer and dynamizer. Working in projects where the social use of technology is enhanced, betting on open source software and hardware projects. Associated at Colectic, a non-profit cooperative project that works for the inclusion, autonomy and empowerment of people and communities in the social, labor and technological fields; Understanding and using technology as a tool for participation and social transformation.
Núria Conde


He is a postdoctoral researcher at the Complex Systems Laboratory of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) at the PRBB. He has a specialization in Biology and Computer Engineering. He conducted his research thesis on Biocomputing, which is located in the interface of both fields. Núria is a professor of Biology for architects, artists and designers at the universities IAAC, Elisava or Massana and is a founding member of DIYBioBcn, the first biohacking group in Spain.
Guillem Camprodón

IaaC | Fab Lab Barcelona, Smart Citizen

Guillem is an interaction designer working on the intersection between the IoT and Digital Fabrication.?His wide knowledge of internet tech and his training as a product designer makes him an expert on IoT projects. He currently holds a researcher position at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Fab Lab Barcelona. He is an advisor for projects as interaction expert and he teaches workshops on open-source electronics and programming for Architects and Designers.
Laia Sánchez


Laia inhabits the areas where the sciences, art, technology and society intersect, where she enjoys sharing knowledge and projects at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UAB and at Citilab in Cornella` de Llobregat, a Citizen’s Laboratory. She firmly believes that computational thinking, design, transmedia literacy and “co-s” are citizen super- powers and that learning to innovate must become a universal right.
Oleguer Sagarra

Ajuntament de Barcelona/Dribia Data Research

Dr. Oleguer Sagarra is a co-founder of Dribia Data Research, a consultancy focused in data innovation, where he also works as a leading data scientist. He is the pilot technical coordinator of DECODE, an experimental project aiming to provide tools that put individuals in control of whether they keep their personal information private or share it for the public good. Sagarra holds a PhD in network science and human mobility from the University of Barcelona, with a stay at MIT.
Marc Aguilar

Public Policy cluster leader at DSISCALE

Marc Aguilar is Digital Social Innovation Project Manager at the Barcelona City Council. Marc studied Modern History in the universities of Barcelona and Amsterdam, and holds a MSc in Sociology Research from the former university. His interests are open innovation models and methodologies such as Living Labs and User Centred Design (UCD), Digital Social Innovation (DSI), and futures studies. He is involved in several innovation projects at the interface between society, culture and technology,
Joaquín García


After 20 years of consulting in business management systems, change towards occupational and social training, to give back to society what you learned, and not to make the same mistakes again.In recent years Joaqui´n have trained children in the world maker and collaboration with Open tools (Hardware, Data, Source). I actively collaborate with several communities and projects, @Vailet- sHacklab, @ttncat, @osmcatala I am Facilitator to the MakerSpace of @Pompeulab in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.
Amador A´lvarez

Amical Wikimedia

The last 35 years have led positions of responsibility in Organizational Transformation processes of the private and public sector. He has been part of the organization of major city projects in its design and operational phase. Since 2006, it has been an active part of the Wikipedia community, mainly in its Catalan edition. It is a member of Amical Wikimedia, the Catalan chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. He is currently working on a multilingual generation project based on Wikidata.
Boyd Derek Cohen

EADA Bussiness School & IoMob

is a urban strategist focus on the areas of urban innovation, entrepreneurship, smart cities and the internet of Mobility. He has published 3 books (Climate Capitalism, 2011, The emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, 2016, Post-capitalism Entrepreneurship, 2017). He is the Dean of Research at EADA Business School and at UVic. He is also a Fellow at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. In 2017, he co-Founded IoMob, a blockchain startup seeking to decentralize the mobility sector.
David García Garzón

IT team member | Som Energia

is part of the IT team of the Som Energia cooperative and working partner of the GuifiBaix cooperative. For years, he taught at the university, mainly the UPF, on topics such as Software Engineering, Agile Methodologies and Quality, and Open Source Methodologies. He has managed several FLOSS projects in research environments in the field of multimedia. He was a mentor in the GSoC program to incorporate students to FLOSS projects and lately he has been involved in the organization of HackaSom
Guy Samuel

Thoughtworks Barcelona

My experience in Project Management, Web and Mobile development, Business Intelligence and Instruction drives me to a holistic view of digital projects, including strategic innovation, elevating the client's goals, and the ongoing delivery of value to users. I am passionate about Mobile technology, and even more so about constant learning. The development and growth of my team is a prime goal in the creative process, building on the best practices and latest methodologies.
Alessandro Ranellucci

Open Source Project Leader Team per la Transformazione Digitale

My passion for coding never decreased: as of today I have developed complex platforms for tens of private Italian and foreign companies and startups (including a couple of mine), always focusing on challenging and innovative. I worked on digital publishing, CAD/CAM, robotics, big data, digital signature, security and other topics. Meanwhile, following another great passion, I decided to study architecture. I have been author, contributor and maintainer of open source projects for 14 years.
Mercè Escolà,

Nexus Geographics

With more than 20 years of professional experience in ICT, occupying positions of responsibility and direction, she is currently Director of the Barcelona Office of Nexus Geographics. In the course of her career, Mercè has worked in large consulting firms as well as in small and medium-sized companies, and for both the public and private sectors, she has extensive knowledge of customer management, equipment and information systems, especially in the sectors of Public Administration and Utilities
Benjamí Villoslada

General Director of Technological Development at Govern de les Illes Balears

Director General of Technological Development at the Vicepresidency and Department of Innovation, Research and Tourism of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Former CIO of the project and bitologist working in the digital immersion of companies and organizations.
Carol Romero

Locaret & Decidim

She's been working as a GIS analyst both in the private and public sector. At Localret Consortium, where she has worked over the past few years, she has coordinated several ICT projects for municipalities, with a focus on digital platforms for civic participation. Currently working in Decidim project coordinating a growing group of cities and other organizations and facilitating the collaboration among them.

Fabrizio Sestini

Senior Expert for Digital Social Innovation, European Commission

He is a Senior Expert in Digital Social Innovation with DG CONNECT of the European Commission, and responsible for the EIC Horizon Prize on “Blockchains for Social Good”. Within DG CONNECT, he is leading the multidisciplinary initiative CAPS “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”. He has launched a new area of techno-social research on distributed architectures for decentralised data governance,